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Art is a passion for many people and in many forms, with my passion mainly involving oils on canvas.  I also paint in watercolor and will occasionally take a break from the oils to enjoy a loose composition or two on watercolor paper.  Most of my work is created in the studio from photos and research materials that I have collected on locations around the country.  I love to paint out of doors …. plein air …. but time and energy limits opportunities for this to take place.  I am much more active with the camera out in nature, taking multiple photos of subjects I discover, making quick sketches and notes on colors/values/mood and that will come to mind while painting back in the studio.

Achieving Depth & Distance”, a soft cover book just full of details for oil painting as well as 10 complete tutorials for painting a variety of scenes.

For a single subject Tutorial, choose from the subjects offered in this web site and enjoy any of the creative challenges.

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 Kitty Gorrell  

Kitty Gorrell


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