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Kitty Gorrell Studio and Gallery

This spacious private studio is situated in a quiet, peaceful, country setting, just the place to focus uninterrupted on artistic challenges. Kitty's work is on display here and visitors are welcome at any time but a phone call in advance is encouraged since the studio, frame shop and gallery are open only by chance or appointment.

Art is a passion for many people and in many forms, with my passion mainly involving oils on canvas. I also paint in watercolor and will occasionally take a break from the oils to enjoy a loose composition or two on watercolor paper. Most of my work is created in the studio from photos and research materials that I have collected out on locations around the country. I love to paint out of doors ... plein air ... but time and energy limits the times this can take place. I am much more active with the camera out in nature, taking multiple photos of subjects I discover, making quick sketches and notes on colors/values, then using those for reference in future paintings. The benefit to this method allows me to capture the 'feel' or 'mood' of the location and that too will come to mind while painting back in the studio.

I hope you enjoy the images you see on our Books and Pattern Packets linked here, all of which have tutorials available for you to use as learning aids in your own painting experiences. Experiment ...... combine the color palette from one tutorial to another to change the season while maintaining the values and light source. Or add in extra flowers, or perhaps berries in a still life. Remember, these are teaching aids as well as instructions for painting a particular subject so use them to their fullest.

My largest book, "Achieving Depth & Distance" is just full of details for oil painting as well as 10 complete painting tutorials for painting a variety of scenes. You can't go wrong with this book for learning more about depth and technique. Supplies are limited now and we are the only source for the book as it has been sold out at North Light Books for quite a while.

My smaller workbooks, "Foliage & Beyond" and "Cloud Study" were both printed in house with multiple color images, photos and technique instructions. Both of these books have been very well received and I'm proud to present them to you as teaching aids as well.

Gorrell's Custom Framing

Our framing workshop and studio can be found on location as well. All frames are custom made right here and in the sizes of your choice. Most frames are made of either oak or poplar but limited supplies of additional specialty woods are often available.

KG Kanvas Karriers

The video below is to assist everyone in fully understanding the huge benefits in using the popular KG Kanvas Karriers©!! See more information on these on the Kanvas Karrier link right here on our web site. Thousands of painters now have these to transport and store their paintings and their praise and comments are so rewarding to us as the manufacturers of this one of a kind product.

Do you have questions or comments concerning We would love to hear from you! Just email at your convenience or call our office at 304-684-7975. You can also contact us via Facebook and we would love for you to 'like' and 'follow' us there.

Gorrell Enterprises, 279 Beech Run Rd., Friendly, WV 26146


View our instructional video for the KG Kanvas Karriers!


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